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Vågen Zero Waste

Upcycled Skin Care Zero-Waste Kit

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Elevate your beauty routine sustainably with our Upcycled Skin Care Zero-Waste Kit. This innovative kit features upcycled skin care products, including a face moisturizer and a nourishing cleansing balm, designed to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly beauty practices. Our upcycled skin care products utilize high-quality ingredients repurposed from sustainable sources, reducing environmental impact while delivering effective results for your skin. Indulge in a guilt-free beauty experience as you moisturize and cleanse your skin with these thoughtfully crafted, upcycled products. Embrace sustainable beauty and make a positive impact on the planet. Shop now and discover the transformative power of our Upcycled Skin Care Zero-Waste Kit.


Face moisturize - read more information here

Cleansing balm - read more information here