580 Kg of coffee grounds have been rescued by one of our suppliers!

580 Kg of coffee grounds have been rescued by one of our suppliers!

Did you know that at Vågen you will always find 100% sustainable products made by wonderful and passionate people? One of them is Irene, owner, and founder of Go Cirkulär a company that manufactures high-quality skincare products that are upcycled, gender-neutral, and 100% natural. 

For us, it is so important to have a good-close relationship with our suppliers, to love their products, and to admire their work. To be an entrepreneur, in general, is not easy, however, to be an entrepreneur with a sustainable-social company is, in my opinion, a bit more challenging. Why? I'm still trying to figure it out. 

Anyway, back to Irene. One of the things that I admire the most about her company is that sustainability is the core of everything and that the whole concept has been developed around it. 

If you go to their website one of its pages is 100%  dedicated to their sustainability. Here, Irene talks about her sustainable business model and mission which is, and I quote “Furthermore, our sustainability mission is at the core of every decision in the organization's structure. This is aligned with our brand values of being: honest, simple, and aware. From manufacturing to the end of life of our products, we analyze the product's Life Cycle and calculate our carbon emissions. Additionally, we collaborate with different stakeholders such as Universities, Food Networks, and other Companies to create research, knowledge, and innovation,  for strengthening our mission and goals.” 

Just like us, Go Cirkulär understands that “business as usual” is not going to help us to fight climate change. Our businesses,  strategies, and missions should be aligned to a fair and sustainable world. Now, let´s analyze HOW Go Cirkulär is taking action on this. One of their products is an Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub made with repurposed coffee grounds. So far 580kg of coffee grounds has been rescued from a local business in Lund, Sweden. Besides, this coffee body scrub is made with 100% natural ingredients.

In our stores, you will find this Upcycled Coffee Body Scrub made with repurposed coffee grounds, shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. This is without doubt the best natural exfoliating I have ever used!

✨Some of the reasons for you to support this sustainable business are:

💚 To reduce food waste

💚 To eliminate plastic in landfills and waterways

💚 To avoid chemicals or synthetic material

💚 Not tested on animals

💚 Small scale production

💚 100% Recyclable packaging

💚 Carbon emissions calculation and compensation

Thank you for supporting small companies and for buying sustainable products. Together we can improve our world 💚♻️

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